August 2015



MEETING PLACE: Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Los Altos Lutheran Church 460 S. El Monte Avenue, Los Altos

PROGRAM: “WATER IN THE WEST” is on everyone’s mind these days and our program “speaker” for August will give us the official word on the subject. Governor Jerry Brown describes our current drought and some of its proposed remedies in a conversation with the publisher and CEO of the Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union Tribune, Austin Beutner, recorded on the campus of USC in June.

Along with statistics about water usage and consumption, Governor Brown cites some historical facts and some of our cultural ideas and mythic concepts. State documents actually list an array of official legal usage of our water resources, including aesthetic and pleasurable uses. He cites the long-standing practice of allowing early California residents as much water as they want at a very minimal rate while making newcomers to the game pay much more and restricting their quantity of this valuable resource. It is an informative and official look at the problems of drought, and an insight to Jerry’s popularity with his erudite presentation and occasional touch of humor to lighten the message.

This program was developed by our Programs Chairman JoAnne Connelly. Guests are welcome for a $5 fee.

JoAnne also recommends “Browning of the Greensward” by Russell A. Beatty, reprinted in the summer issue of Pacific Horticulture after it first appeared in 1977. A professor of Landscape Architecture at U. C. Berkeley, he describes that former drought as though it is our very same current predicament and gives some reasons and some remedies for it. The article can be seen at even if you aren’t a subscriber.

HOSPITALITY: AUGUST birthdays – it is your turn to bring cookies/fruit plate/veggie plate (by 12:15) to our August meeting. Everyone remember to bring your coffee mug – we are trying to “think green.” Marguerite Appling

FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS: For the August Garden Club meeting, please bring a bouquet that incorporates flowers grown from seed. This would be fun for all our gardeners to see the successes of what is possible – especially after listening to Renee Shepherd, the excellent speaker at our June meeting. If you don’t have any posies grown from seed, please include whatever is blooming in your garden. Carol Press

FALL PLANT EXCHANGE: We will have sign-up sheets for working at the September 26 plant exchange at the August meeting. Liz Calhoon

SEPTEMBER PLANT & BAKE SALE: It is time to think about potting up plants for our September sale. With the water restrictions, fall is the time to plant new things and hope we get fall rains. Bulbs are great. August is a good time to trim and divide your iris. Succulent starts should be started now so they are well rooted for September. We will have signups for workers at the August meeting, this is always fun to get acquainted with members and learn about plants. Susan Moss

HISTORY MUSEUM GARDEN HELPERS: We are still working on Thursdays, from 9-11. If you would like to join us, please call Ellie Moll and I will add you to my email list to be notified of our work plans. We chat as we work and quite often we learn something new from one another. Thank You!!!

INTERESTED IN TECHNOLOGY? There will be a meeting at 2:00 p.m., September 2 at Pat Knight’s home, 27267 Deer Springs Way, Los Altos Hills to discuss how various kinds of technology work at our general meetings. We have had some recent problems with our speakers’ presentations. If coming, tell Pat or e-mail

MEMBERSHIP: Welcome back to our returning members: Louanna Angelo Mary Jo Pomeroy Sandy Santandrea

ALONG THE GARDEN PATH: With very little winter rainfall for several years, how are your garden plants doing this season, especially your mature trees and shrubs? Have you seen signs of stress or adaptation to these weather changes, e. g., early dropping of leaves, or late or early blossoming? Let’s look forward optimistically to receiving an abundance of rain later this year! Hopefully, the very hot summer days we’ve been experiencing are helping to ripen your tasty home-grown tomatoes, peppers and other crops. We all have been enjoying the floral materials and greenery that many of you have been bringing to meetings! On August 25th, please consider displaying on the “In Bloom Now” table your garden fruits and vegetables as well as your special flowers. Thank you! Betty Ward

SEPTEMBER BOARD MEETING: The September Board Meeting on Monday, September 14, 2015, at 2 p.m. will be hosted by Pat Ley, Sally Warren and Sue Becker at Pat’s home – Call Pat or, Sally or Sue if you will not be able to attend.

 ROSALIND CREASY’S GARDEN: There is going to be a fundraiser for the Seed Saver Exchange on August 22, 2015. It includes a tour of Rosalind Creasy’s Los Altos garden and dinner prepared by some well-known chefs. It is $100 per person. Nancy Shardell will put further information on the Garden Club Bulletin Board when she returns from Kauai around August 12. She doesn’t have all the details yet.