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What Makes OrienPet Lilies Special In The Garden?

  • Noon : Social Time

  • 12:30 : General Meeting

  • 1:30 : Program / Speaker

We are delighted to welcome Judith Freeman who will share how her breeding, testing and propagating lilies for over 40 years has resulted in real garden persistence and adaptability for her Orienpet Lilies. She pioneered in cross linking the glorious but virus-prone Oriental Lilies with the tougher, heat-tolerant trumpets and her “Scheherazade” and “Silk Road” quickly became the most popular garden lilies of the last decade. They are a real breakthrough in the history of lily breeding – better disease resistance, increased reliability AND more drought, cold and heat tolerant than their parents. Judith’s hybrids are always top of the polls in the North American Lily Society’s Hall of Fame and Popularity Polls. Judith will give us an overview of how she develops, grows, propagates, tests and harvests these lilies. Her website is

I’ve asked Judith to bring some lily bulbs for us to purchase – she says they may have shorter stems this year but next year will have the proper stem length. I’ve also asked Judith to discuss growing Orienpets (and other lilies) in containers, with multiple layer planting combinations with other plants. I can’t wait!

Visitors are welcome to attend - fee is $5. Judy Hogan, Program Chair